yummy stuff

We are passionate in our belief that your child should enjoy a healthy and varied diet as part of the excellent early years care we provide.

Our menu is displayed in the entrance hall and our chef is available to discuss children’s specific needs. Children with allergies or food intolerances are catered for, as are parental preferences.

We buy fresh meat from a high-class butcher and fruit and vegetables are served daily and they form a large part of the meals and snacks. All food is delivered fresh to the Nursery from local suppliers.

The weekly menu includes fish and vegetarian dishes, red and white meat. It also includes a wide range of vegetables and fruit. The menu works on a four week cycle, is changed seasonally and to take account of the children’s favourites.

Lunch and teatimes are both 2 courses and milk or water is offered as drinks. We sit with the children at mealtimes encouraging good social skills and eating habits and ensuring each child has enough to eat and drink. Snacks are available mid-morning and in the afternoon and the fruit intake of the children increases at these times.