red fox team

When you are choosing early years care, we understand that one of your most important concerns is who will be taking care of your child. We employ staff of all ages providing a balance of skills, maturity, knowledge and experience.

We have a rigorous process of interviewing and we actively support and encourage staff of a high calibre, its one of the things we are well known for and why parents bring back their subsequent children.

All the staff are qualified including several full-time nursery teachers as well as the owner, Katrina.
We have lunch and teatime staff to serve the meals ensuring that our staff are able to sit with the children at mealtimes encouraging good social skills and eating habits in a family-style atmosphere.

A full-time member of staff works 40 hours a week on a shift system ensuring they get time to relax after work, crucial if we are to do a good job the next day!

Our regular supply staff cover holidays/sickness to ensure continuity for you and your children.