Once the babies start walking they move on to the Robin’s Room and they stay here until the age of around 2. Children move from one room to another when they are ready.

Toddlers are involved in activities that extend their increasing curiosities. Toddlers at this age repeat actions to learn more about their world and to master a wide variety of skills. The skill of the staff is to provide the resources to practice these skills and to provide a wide variety of activities to generalise learning. The quality of the interaction between the staff and the toddlers is warm and responsive, developing a love of learning.

Toddlers need time to be allowed to do things for themselves and we give them all the encouragement they need. We plan our day to involve as few changes as possible, to avoid disruption and agitation for the children, so they don’t have to pack everything away when they are not ready.

We encourage exploration, simple investigations, problem solving and imaginative use of materials and a lot of this is done outside.

This age group have soft play equipment, a sensory house and a lot of space to play with large equipment. We have rest spaces and quiet areas where the toddlers enjoy stories and time with the staff in close contact... a cuddle when it’s wanted. Sleep times are organised around the child’s needs.

Language is developing rapidly and we have a lot of ideas and games specifically designed to encourage the toddlers at this important time.